Introducing our 8th 21 for 21 fundraiser – Betty!

Betty, she is an 87 year old grandma to 6 wonderful grandchildren. She has had to shield for many months, so to keep herself busy during the pandemic, she has been knitting beautiful baby blankets, hats and bonnets. She has pledged to continue until she has made 21 for Home Start Manchester’s 21 for 21 which can then be sold to raise money to help support vulnerable families across Manchester.

She has chosen this charity as she knows as a parent that sometimes it can be a struggle to make ends meet and overcome problems, even more so now for those isolated families who have spent long periods of time at home, missing friends and loved ones, just as she has missed hers.

Betty is an inspiration, despite being isolated and missing her family, she has been able to do something wonderful to help others and without having to leave her own living room!

If you would like to buy a blanket please email hannah.richardson@homestartmanchester.org.uk