New referral form! PIMH project

Home-start Manchester is launching a new PIMH (Parent Infant Mental Health) Project!

What is the project about?

The PIMH project is a new Citywide partnership project in Manchester between CAPS (Child and Parent Service), Health Visiting and Home start. It is based on a tried and tested model which has been run by Home start HOST (Home start Oldham, Stockport and Tameside) for several years.

The project looks at Attachment and Brain Development and how important a child’s experiences  during the first 2 years of their life are, and how those experiences can have long lasting effects on their future mental health and relationships. 

All volunteers who will support a family where PIMH support has specifically been requested have completed an additional 16 hours of training. The training is   co-delivered by CAPS service (Parent and Children Service), a Health Visitor and the Home start PIMH Coordinator.

Criteria for a PIMH referral

Families where there is low to moderate mental health issues and who have child under 2 (or unborn) can be referred for PIMH support.

New referral form

Our referral form now has a tick box at the top to give you the option to request PIMH support for a family whom you wish to refer. There are some guidance notes at the bottom of the referral (section 7) and also an additional question (question 7) which must be completed advising why you feel PIMH support is appropriate.   

How do I refer?

Referrals should be sent in via the usual method-email to ensuring it is password protected or use Egress or another secure method.  Just please make sure you specify you would like the family to receive PIMH support and answer question 7 on the referral form.

Please replace all current copies of our referral form and replace with the new referral form available to download here

Thank you for your continued support.