James’ Marathon Diary – Part 1

Just over 8 weeks to go until the London marathon, and up at 5am today to be out the door by 5.30 and fit in a four mile interval training session before work. Definitely the worst part of the training plan, although I’m sticking to itso far and up to 17 miles at the weekends. The first proper test is a 20 mile trail run next weekend which a friend convinced me would be a good milestone for the marathon, and which I foolishly signed up to.

The lighter mornings (and current lack of snow and ice) are definitely helping. I’m not quite as young as I like to think so the aches and niggles are beginning to build up, but my wife’s been incredibly supportive given the early morning starts and disappearing off for two or three hour periods every weekend. My four year old son has been less impressed when I’ve then spent the whole afternoon sat on the sofa rather than kicking a football round at the park; he’s also far too competitive, and genuinely disappointed each time I come back from a run without a medal. Hopefully 28 April will make up for that – might have to make up a white lie about beating Mo Farah and Eliud Kipchoge though to keep him happy.

Fundraising is up to just over £900, with a big push planned as the date gets closer (and following pay day at work, with a cake sale planned…). I’m also working it into pretty much every conversation to make sure friends and family have no chance to forget to donate, and it really does help with motivation getting emails popping up with the subject line “Great news – you’ve just been sponsored”.

Year to date:
Total number of runs: 26
Total time: 26 hours 4 minutes
Total distance: 178 miles