Parent Infant Mental Health Project

The Parent Infant Mental Health (PIMH) project is a Citywide partnership project in Manchester between CAPS (Child and Parent Service), Health Visiting and Home-Start.

The project looks at Attachment and Brain Development and how important a child’s experiences during the first 2 years of their life are, and how those experiences can have long lasting effects on their future mental health and relationships. 

All volunteers who will support a family where PIMH support has specifically been requested have completed an extensive additional training program. The training is co-delivered by CAPS service (Parent and Children Service), a Health Visitor and the Home-Start PIMH Coordinator.

Our specially trained PIMH Parent Volunteers and Family Support Worker will support families where the parent/s have mild to moderate mental ill health through weekly home visits for as long as the family need it. The support will be focused on the parents’ relationship with their unborn or young infant and may include;

– Enjoyable interactive activities and resources to help build a strong relationship both before and after birth

– An opportunity to explore all aspects of baby development including the amazing baby brain, how babies communicate, how we can help to calm and soothe babies in our fast-moving world, and other important developmental information

– Empower and encourage parents as the experts in their baby’s care and how they play the most important part of all

– Share evidence-based tools and techniques with parents to help them manage the transition to parenthood and the challenges it brings

To make a referral into this project please click here to fill out the enquiry form on our website

Become a volunteer with the project by requesting an application form by phone 0161 721 4493  Please specify your interest in this project! See our Become a PIMH Volunteer… page for more information 

For more information please contact project Coordinator Lara Aspin: