“Parenting in the Pandemic massively impacted on my mental health. I was lonely and so isolated. The one good thing to come out of it was that I got in contact with Home-Start, they taught me how to make friends again and be the mum I am today.”

A Mum Supported by Home-Start

Whatever the size of your business, or the company that you work for, you can support Home-Start Manchester in a number of ways, and be assured that your funding will go directly towards supporting parents and children who need our help. 

Choosing to support Home-Start Manchester as a business benefits both you and us. It can provide you with lots of opportunities for team building and boosting morale in the workplace, not to mention fun!
And with your funding, we can reach out to more families who are struggling to cope. 

We’d encourage you to come up ideas that work for you and your team, but if you need some helpful suggestions, how about:-

Organising an event at work for us. Keep it simple at first with a fancy dress Friday or a bake sale and donate the funds raised to us?

Making Home-Start Manchester your dedicated ‘charity of the year’.

Inspire your colleagues to join you in a sponsored physical challenge for us – why not consider the iconic Manchester 10k?

You may work for a company that offers a charitable ‘matched funding’ scheme – could you take advantage of this for Home-Start Manchester?

Sponsor one of our services for a day, such as the costs of supporting a family. 

To get further support with any aspect of fundraising in your workplace, please get in contact with us directly

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