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“You are an exceptional service. Please continue in your hard work because it really changes and saves lives – myself and my daughter are the proof. Thank you so much for being in our lives.”

A Mum Supported by Home-Start

Why do we need a charity like Home-Start? Because child poverty is at an all time high, parental mental health issues are at an all time high, inappropriate housing is at an all time high.Issues such as these affect a parent’s ability to cope. And when parents can’t cope, children suffer. The impact of this will last a lifetime.

Here at Home-Start Manchester our number one priority is to provide support to families and children in need and in order to do this we rely solely on funding and donations.

With more support, we can reach out to even more families who need us, because we believe all children deserve the right to a happy childhood.

£5 could pay for the course materials needed to equip a volunteer to support families that are experiencing difficulties within their family life.

£25 could pay for a child and their parent to receive a home visit from a volunteer, this could be the only adult interaction that mum or dad receives this week and could make a real difference to their mood and how they are able to cope.

£50 could pay for a volunteer to be trained by one of our expert Family Support Coordinators, and DBS checked so we can be confident that we are sending fully trained and safe volunteers out to support our families.

£100 could pay for a months’ worth of visits for a family who has nobody else, is depressed and helpless and has lost hope. In just one month a volunteer’s reassurance and support can have an incredible positive impact on both a child and the whole family’s life.

£500 could pay for a child to receive support every week for a whole year, without which they would not meet their developmental milestones, be ready for school or feel safe and secure.

£1200 will ensure that a whole family receives support, every week for a year. This support provides a consistent and positive role model if a parent is struggling with poverty, poor housing or mental illness; for example. The support also improves a child’s mental health and in many cases reduces the risk of harm significantly, improving their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

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