Story 2

‘‘Thank you so much for being in our lives‘

‘I am completely confident to talk to my volunteer about everything, knowing she will not judge me and that she genuinely tries to help me and cares about us.  She also established really good relationship with my daughter who now thinks of the volunteer as part of our little family and frequently asks about the volunteer.  This is something unique to this service that no one else is providing and possible to achieve only with commitment.

Huge mental and emotional support for me and my daughter as we have a person in our lives who we can call a good friend.  For me it is also the fact that I don’t have to go through the challenging time in my life alone.  Also as my volunteer tries to get me out from the house and takes me to various places, it is slowly getting me out of my isolation   If I hadn’t chance to share my worries and talk about my past openly with the volunteer I would definitely suffer with worse levels of depression than I am now.  I can’t stress enough how important was the co-ordinator’s work as she allocated to me a volunteer that was perfect for our family and I gained trust almost instantly

You are an exceptional service.  Please continue in your hard work because it really changes and saves lives – myself and my daughter are the proof.  Thank you so much for being in our lives.’ – Home-Start Manchester family 

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